100% of the proceeds will go towards the generational families of Lahaina who were impacted by the fires. Native-Hawaiians and generational families have already been displaced enough, so every penny we raise will be to help these families remain in Lahaina. Nā Wahine Toa Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under IRS ruling 501(c)(3). Our tax ID number is 86-2808256. Contributions to organizations with 501(c)(3) status may be tax deductible.


 8/29/23 UPDATE:

It has been three weeks since the fires and we are still actively mobilizing with fundraisers and donation drives. While I have not yet received any money of the $2.6 million from Meta, I have been able to independently fundraiser money through Na Wahine Toa Foundation. Through donations made directly to my non-profit, I have been able to send $215,000 directly to verified Venmo and GoFundMe accounts of families who were impacted by the fires as well as $25,000 to partner non-profit ‘Aina Momona for supplies and gas money for families on the frontlines at the very beginning of the crisis. We have also just wrapped up our third donation drive here in San Diego and are sending the requested supplies via Alaska and Hawaiian cargo to our contacts in Maui.

_________________________________________________________ 8/19/23 UPDATE:

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be able to collectively raise this much money. This wasn’t raised by big corporations or big donors…this money was raised by YOU, the people. All of the money will go towards rebuilding Lahaina with the voices of the community leading the way. WE MAHALO YOU ALL for standing by Lāhainā, steadfast and true.

 8/14 UPDATE:


We will do everything in our power to make sure that Hawaiian families and kama’āina families are not forced to sell or move. We are currently putting an application together for families to get their insurance deductibles and property taxes covered by the funds raised through Nā Wahine Toa Foundation. Our main goal is to keep Hawaiians and long-time generational families in their home, Lahaina. Keep Lahaina lands in Lahaina hands!

8/10/23 UPDATE:

We are absolutely FLOORED with the amount of support we received on this and never expected this much kako’o. We cannot mahalo everyone enough for the outpouring of love for the people of Maui.

Because of the magnitude of these funds, Tiare and I felt it was best to collaborate with community leaders, other agencies and non-profits to determine the best way to distribute the funds equitably and efficiently. We are also in the process of expediting the funds through Meta, as this is considered a state of emergency fundraiser. We are hoping to have our relief program for impacted families ready to go next week, but in the meantime I am sending what I can from my Venmo and PayPal accounts to personal fundraisers of impacted families, as well as gas cards to ‘Aina Momona to distribute and pre paid gift cards to Tiare who is buying and distributing supplies to those trapped in West Maui.

8/8/23 UPDATE:

I’ve been crying all morning watching the devastation of Maui island. Lives have been lost, homes and businesses destroyed in a matter of minutes. Please donate what you can to help our Maui ‘ohana. 100% of the proceeds goes to those affected by the fires.

Every person that has ever visited this island, PLEASE HELP. You say you love our islands so much, now we need all the kokua we can get. Please send as much aloha as possible to Maui.

Full transparency, I am giving 100% of the donations to Lahaina resident and trusted community organizer, Tiare Lawrence, to disperse as needed. I will send whatever is donated via PayPal or Venmo @nawahinetoa to help immediately with emergency funds.